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I used to work for a large airplane and defense corporation based in Chicago, IL. They had the bad judgement to lay me off, so I had to pick a new career. I've got one now!

Now I am DJ Bruno McNasty on KGRG 89.9 FM and KGRG1 1330 AM, broadcasting from Green River Community College in Auburn, Washington. For a while, I was the Music Director of KGRG1, and I made it a pretty kick-ass station if I do say so myself. If you aren't within the broadcast radius of these stations (and really, who is?), you can stream them from their web sites (as linked above). Alternatively, you can use the iheart app on your phone or tablet to stream KGRG-FM, or the tune-in app to stream KGRG-AM.

DJ resources

My voice, reading my radio scripts. News and opinion by Bruno McNasty

MelangeMy "Demo Tape". The greatest hits of my production and voice work
Man Overboard.My production of a horror story written by Winston Churchill, later to be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
station ID

Route 666 Harley-Davidson

the law offices of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe

musical bumper a sample of the music format we wanted to play

and an advertisement for Darkson's Funeral Home.

KTUS, The Pulse of Tulsa project. We were tasked with creating and operating a fictitious radio station in the Tulsa, OK market. These are production pieces that we created to give identity to our station.
My most recent Live air breaks
Auto Winterizations from Skills USA Blood Drive
Station Bumper-How Hard Can It Be? Station Bumper-Mr. Rogers on Acid
Station Bumper-On iHeart Radio Station Bumper-Best Friends
Station Bumper-Since 1989 Station Bumper-Because Your Mama Won't!
Station Bumper-My Brain Hurts! Station Bumper-Request & Text Line
Station Bumper-Since Before You Were Born! Station Bumper-Making Your Ears Bleed!
Station Bumper-Fly Your Freak Flag High! Station Bumper-It's Good For What Ails Ya!
Station Bumper-Where Else Ya Gonna Hear This? Station Bumper-Hot Stuff!
Fond memories of a teacher at GRCC Editorial #1
Green River Events for June Editorial #2
Explain why you don't vote Editorial #3
Ministry of Madness News Break
Office of Equity Get out the Vote - With Jimi Hendrix
Halloween Dance Party Sports & Explosions! Guaranteed Triple Play Action!
King County Library UA Psychedelic Saturdays, as Grampa Kosmo
Pledge Drive Beg Class Project-Little William
UA demo for Casey's Sports Bar Editorial #1

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