Le mort du Beemer

Beemer in happier times

It's too soon. After putting our boy cat down in May, it became clear that the old dog was fading. Our first dog, acquired almost 16 years ago. She had a harder time walking every day, finally becoming unable to climb the stairs. You could hear her dragging one of her back feet as she walked. And she couldn't stand, sit, or lay down comfortably. And she became truly willful, deciding that the walk was going THIS WAY and right now, and that the walk was now over. Time to go in. And time to let her go. So we did.

So we are now dogless for the first time since the 80s ended. I feel empty and forlorn. I walked that dog every night for over 15 years, and I'll miss the exercise as well as the dog. Such a sweet dog. She never bit or barked, and danced to see me come home. Another light in my life has been extinguished...

dog family
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