A $100 bet
In which I give money to somebody that didn't even ask for it
but whom I hope uses it wisely

A Sequel to What This Progressive Believes

Dear Ms. Burner:

Iíve never sent money to a political campaign before in my life, and I certainly donít want to be put on a list signifying me as an easy mark for political campaign contributions in the future, but your campaign will be the first that Iíve ever donated to. You see, Iím heartsick over the way that my country is being run. The current administration, enabled by its friends (from both parties) in Congress, has turned my country from a shining city on a hill into a sewer of monumental stink. Shall I enumerate the ways?

An illegal war, including the covering up of war crimes and profiteering that benefits friends of those in power.

Illegal detentions of those who may or may not have anything to do with the crimes that they havenít even been charged with.

Justification and rationalization of torture as legitimate policy.

Illegal and warrentless spying on the administrationís enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Restructuring of tax policy to favor the rich and powerful friends of the current administration.

The celebration of ignorance, and complete apathy towards science and knowledge.

If youíd like a more exhaustive list of the things that I believe in, then please check out my missive, found at What This Progressive Believes that states what course Iíd like to see my country take.

I have nothing against Mr. Reichert. Iím sure heís an honorable man, and that he has sought to lead this country in a fashion that he sees fit. Unfortunately, his mere presence in the House of Representatives serves to enable those forces which are destroying my country. This is too dangerous to tolerate.

Iím sending you a check to help you in your campaign. Itís not so much a contribution to sway your mind about this policy or that. Instead, I see it as insurance. If Mr. Reichert were to win this coming election for want of my meager involvement, then I would regret not spending even more money to have changed that outcome. If I can have my country back for a mere hundred bucks, then I will consider it money well spent.

Please win this election. Please be part of an overwhelming repudiation of the course this country has taken. Please be part of a refutation of a party that stands for extremism, cronyism, and country-club handshakes. Please be the first step in returning my country to a position of greatness instead of its current state as a pariah of the world. America has such promise, and that promise has been replaced with lies. Please restore its greatness. Please win this election.

Richard B. Webb

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