Newest Cat Pictures

For those of you who have been paying attention (and hang on my every word) I've had a bit of extra time on my hands lately. This has been more than filled up with the latest addition to our family. You see, Newest cat pictures can be both new pictures, as well as pictures of the newest cat. I present fizzy, who knows herself to be most adorable.

The other two haven't quite come to grips with this new member yet. Strangely enough it was the smaller, more dominant cat that we've had for a year now that has accepted the inevetible most readily. Punkin and fizzy get along fine, sniffing noses without nary a hiss or snarl. Not so true of Jetty. While there has been a minimum of hissing and spitting on her part, she is not quite ready to yeild her position on the totem pole of cattitude yet. And little fizzy just wants to play! Chase me! Chase me now! Pleaaaase?

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