Time for the Grown-ups to clean up this mess

My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over. Our Constitution works; our great Republic is a government of laws and not of men. Here the people rule.

Gerald Ford

Actually, Bush is still President for another two and a half months.

Stephen Colbert

At this point in the celebration, it seems downright trite to proclaim that the election of 2008 is an unprecedented moment in the history of America. What seems to be true is that the voters have repudiated the failed economic, domestic, and foreign policies presented by the conservatives for the last three decades, and have decided to turn the bastards out. Well, if not to turn them out, then to at least reduce their influence.

For all that weíve gone through in the last 8 years, for all of the impeachable offenses of the Executive branch, for the epic failure of their policies, change has arrived.

It's easy to sum up the last eight years in a word, but you seem to be unable to say that word.

Torture. Arbitrary arrest and imprisonment without access to courts. A needless foreign war begun in purely political calculation. Demonization of dissent. A propaganda campaign to incite fear and hatred of others and to label that "patriotism". Rampant militarism. Jingoistic loyalty trumping all other considerations for government office. Fantastic enrichment of a ruling corporate plutocracy. A swaggering, bullying foreign policy. Widespread surveillance and wiretapping. A mania for "security" and secrecy of records. Missing records, destroyed records. Stolen elections. Torture.

There is a concise word for this political pattern.

Go ahead. You can say it.

Joel Hanes

So here we are. President Obama may not be all that liberal after all, but after the last 8 years, itís a fucking breath of fresh air.

And for all of you dead enders, the 20 percent of all polled who STILL support and approve of President Bush and all heís done, you can kiss my shiny metal ass. Now weíre going to see how the grown-ups play. Bring on the coalition of the reality-based community. Sure, living in your fantasy land won you eight years of power, but now itís time to reap what you have sown. And letís clean up this mess.

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