It's hard to make art when you're depressed

I was so very angry. I'd paid a guy, a local artist, in advance, to do some artwork for me, and he didn't do it. I was furious, then I grew up, mentally forgave him, and moved on with my life. Then he calls me up and tells me it was done.

I don't want to spend a lot of my life belaboring his troubles, but he's got more than me. That's why I swung the work towards him in the first place. But as C pointed out, it's hard to make art when you're depressed. So I removed the post that ranted on about what a deadbeat he was, and now I leave only this message for him:

Thanks bud. What you (finally) did for me was just exactly what I wanted. I just wish that we hadn't gone through all the unnecessary drama to get it to me. While it severely impacted my quality of life, I still have one, while yours seems to be stuck in a downward spiral. I have no advice for you. You're still a flake, but that's part of your charm, and perhaps where your wellspring of artistic temperment comes from. Hope your life improves.

Thanks again. And good luck...

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