Taste Descriptor Flavor Log

The "Beer Flavor Wheel" is an attempt to standardize a language through which beer tasters can agree on a word-to-flavor correlation.

Recommended Descriptors of Beer Flavor

Relevance Key:

Class 1 - Aromatic, Fragrant, Fruity, Floral

0110AlcoholicO,T,WThe general effect of ethanol and higher alcohols
0111SpicyO,T,WAllspice, nutmeg, peppery, eugenol. See also 1003 Vanilla
0112VinousO,T,WBouquet, fusely, wine-like (White wine)
0120Solvent-likeO,TLike chemical solvents
0130EsteryO,TLike aliphatic esters
0131Isoamyl acetateO,TBanana, peardrop
0132Ethyl hexanoateO,TApple-like with note of aniseed. See 0142 Apple
0133Ethyl acetateO,TLight fruity, solvent-like. See also 0120 Solvent like
0140FruityO,TOf specific fruits or mixtures of fruits
0141CitrusO,TCitral, grapefruit, lemony, orange-rind
0144BlackcurrantO,TBlackcurrant fruit. For Blackcurrant leaves use 0810 Catty
0150AcetaldehydeO,TGreen apples, raw appleskin, bruised apples
0160FloralO,TLike flowers, fragrant
0162GeraniolO,TRose-like, different from 0161. Taster should compare the pure chemicals
0170HoppyO,TFresh hop aroma. Use with other terms to describe stale hop aroma. Does not include hop bitterness (See 1200 Bitter)
0171Kettle-hopO,TFlavor imparted by aroma hops boiled in the kettle.
0172Dry-hopO,TFlavor imparted by dry hops added in tank or cask.
0173Hop oilO,TFlavor imparted by addition of distilled hop oil.

Class 2 - Resinous, Nutty, Green, Grassy

0210ResinousO,TFresh sawdust, resin, cedarwood, pinewood, sprucy, terpenoid.
0211WoodyO,TSeasoned wood (uncut)
0220NuttyO,TAs in Brazil-nut, hazelnut, sherry-like
0221WalnutO,TFresh (not rancid) walnut
0223BeanyO,TBean soup
0231Freshly-cut grassO,TGreen, crushed green leaves, leafy, alfalfa.

Class 3 - Cereal

0310GrainyO,TRaw grain flavor
0311HuskyO,THusk-like, chaff, 'Glattwasser'.
0312Corn gritsO,TMaize grits, adjuncty
0313MealyO,TLike flour
0320 Malty--
0330WortyO,TFresh wort aroma. Use with other terms to describe infected wort, e.g. 0731 Parsnip

Class 4 - Caramelized, Roasted

0410CaramelO,TBurnt sugar, toffee-like
0411MolassesO,TBlack treacle, treacly.
0420BurntO,T,MScorched aroma, dry mouthfeel and sharp acrid taste.
0421Bread-crustO,T,MCharred toast.
0422Roast-barleyO,T,MChocolate malt.

Class 5 - Phenolic

0501TarryO,TPitch, faulty pitching of containers.
0504ChlorophenolO,TTrichlorophenol (TCP), hospital-like.
0505IodoformO,TIodophors, hospital-like, pharmaceutical.

Class 6 - Soapy, Fatty, Diacetyl, Oily, Rancid

0610Fatty acid--
0611CaprylicO,TSoapy, fatty, goaty, tallowy.
0612CheesyO,TDry, stale cheese, old hops. Hydrolytic rancidity.
0613IsovalericO,TDry, stale cheese, old hops. Hydrolytic rancidity.
0614ButyricO,TRancid butter.
0620DiacetylO,TButterscotch, buttermilk
0630RancidO,TOxidative rancidity.
0631Rancid oilO,T,MOxidative rancidity.
0641Vegetable oilO,T,MAs in refined vegetable oil.
0642Mineral oilO,T,MGasoline (petrol), kerosene (paraffin), machine oil.

Class 7 - Sulphury

0710SulphiticO,TSulphur dioxide, striking-match, choking, sulphurous-SO2
0720SulphidicO,TRotten egg, sulphury-reduced, sulphurous-RSH
0721H2SO,TRotten egg
0722MercaptanO,TLower mercaptans, drains, stench
0724LightstruckO,TSkunky, sunstruck
0725AutolysedO,TRotting yeast (see also 0740 Yeasty).
0727Shrimp-likeO,TWater in which shrimp have been cooked
0730Cooked vegetableO,TMainly dialkyl sulphides, sulphurous-RSR
0731Parsnip / celeryO,TAn effect of wort infection
0732DMSO,TDimethyl sulphide
0733Cooked tomatoO,TTomato juice (processed), tomato ketchup.
0736Cooked onion--
0740YeastyO,TFresh yeast, flavor of heated thiamine (see also 0725 Autolysed).
0741MeatyO,TBrothy, cooked meat, meat extract, peptone, yeast broth.

Class 8 - Oxidized, Stale, Musty

0800StaleO,T,MOld beer, overaged, overpasteurized.
0810CattyO,TBlackcurrant leaves, ribes, tomato plants, oxidized beer.
0820PaperyO,TAn initial stage of staling, bready (stale bread crumb), cardboard, old beer, oxidized.
0830LeatheryO,TA later stage of staling, then often used in conjunction with 0211 Woody.
0840MoldyO,TCellar-like, leaf-mold, woodsy.
0841EarthyO,TActinomycetes, damp soil, freshly dug soil, diatomaceous earth.
0842MustyO,T Fusty.

Class 9 - Sour, acidic

9000AcidicO,TPungent aroma, sharpness of taste, mineral acid.
0920SourO,TLactic, sour milk, Use with 0141 for citrus-sour.

Class 10 - Sweet

1001HoneyO,TCan occur as an effect of beer staling, e.g. the odor of stale beer in a glass, oxidized (stale) honey.
1002Jam-likeO,TMay be qualified by sub-classes of 0140 Fruity.
1003VanillaO,TCustard powder, vanillin.
1005SyrupyO,T,MClear (golden) syrup.
1006OversweetO,TSickly sweet, cloying.

Class 11 - Salty


Class 12 - Bitter


Class 13 - Mouthfeel

1310AlkalineT,M,AfFlavor imparted by accidental admixture of alkaline detergent.
1320MouthcoatingM,AfCreamy, 'onctueux' (Fr.).
1330MetallicO,T,M,AfIron, rusty water, coins, tinny, inky.
1340AstringentM,AfMouth puckering, puckery, tannin-like, tart
1350PowderyODusty cushion, irritating (with 0310 Grainy) mill room smell.
--T,MChalky, particulate, scratchy, silicate-like, siliceous.
1360CarbonationMCO2 content.
1361FlatMUnder carbonated.
1362GassyMOver carbonated.
1370WarmingW,M,AfSee also 0110 Alcoholic and 0111 Spicy.

Class 14 - Fullness

1410BodyO,T,MFullness of flavor and mouthfeel.
1411WateryT,MThin, seemingly diluted.
1412CharacterlessO,T,MBland, empty, flavorless.
1413SatiatingO,T,M Extra-full, filling.
1414ThickT,MViscous, 'epais' (Fr.).


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