KTUS 94.7 FM - the PULSE of Tulsa


Our demographic is Adult Males, 25 to 55 years old.
The greater MSA of Tulsa contains approximately one million souls, most of which listen to the radio. 2/3rds of these people are white, with Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans accounting for about 9% each. 30% of these people are between 25 and 44 years old, with 21% being 45 to 64. Whe should expect to get people even older than that to listen to our station, but probably not much younger.

Our men drink beer and scotch, and their dates like rum or vodka or wine. They seen themselves settling into patterns of life, with marriage, kids, dogs, suburbs with their long commute. They long for the freedom and lack of responsibility of their youth, and desire to escape the demands of their current lives. They don't want to be threatened with a lot of harsh new music, but they want to be exposed to a lot of good music from a great range of ages and a number of genres that they might not know about. He wants the Tulsa Sound!

Sales deals already engaged
Sales arranged: The Law Offices of Dewey, Cheetam, and Howe, in a trade-out exchange for cash, legal advice, and BTA spots on the air.

Sales deals pending approval of the radio station
Route 66 Harley-Davidson (co-op agreement with Harley-Davidson, Inc.)
Bob Hurley Used Cars and Fords
New Heights Rock Gym
Omni Oasis Hotel Spa and Massage Service
Transformations Advanced Medical Weight Loss
Red Skye Wireless (cell phone company)
Computer Nerdz of Tulsa
Starworld 20 Movie Theater
Carl's Bar-B-Que
Las Americas Latin Grill & Tequila Bar
Pie Hole Pizzeria
Restoration Hardware
Hawkeye Printing Company
Sahoma Lanes Bowling Center
Galaxy Limousine & Executive Charter Inc.

Geico Insurance

Our demographic is open to messages about:

Cars, automobiles, and motorcycles
Cheap thrills & beer, or cheap beer & thrills
Sports Teams and games - football, basketball (WNBA), la crosse, hocky, soccer, softball, etc...
Good clothes, upscale and knoweledgeable
Touring music acts, records
Fun, Travel, and Adventure! - Military Service
Any one of 15 institutions of Higher Education

Employment Opportunities!

Rate Card

DayDaypart60 sec30 sec15 sec
M - F5 A.M - 10 A.M.$1300$800$600
M - F10 A.M - 3 P.M.$425$350$300
M - F3 P.M - 8 P.M.$625$450$400
M - F8 P.M - midnight$200$100N/A
M - Fmidnight - 5 A.M.$40N/AN/A
Sat / Sun5 A.M - 10 A.M.$200$152$100
Sat / Sun10 A.M - 3 P.M.$200$152$100
Sat / Sun3 P.M - 8 P.M.$200$125$100
Sat / Sun8 P.M - midnight$150$100N/A
Sat / Sunmidnight - 5 A.M.$40N/AN/A

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