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The Tulsa Sound

The Tulsa Sound is descended from The Bakersfield Sound, a mixture of rockabilly, country, rock, and blues that was popular in the late 50s and early 60s. This category is defined by JJ Cale, Elvin Bishop, Leon Russell, and the like. We could include Woody Guthrie as well, but it might not fit the stationality we're after. The sound later heavily influenced the British Invasion, with Eric Clapton, and the Beatles, and by extension The Band and Bob Dylan. Classic country by George Jones with the artists that later covered his tunes, such as the English Pub Rockers Rockpile (from Brinsley Schwarz) with Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe, leading to Elvis Costello.

Our classic rock sound also has to allow room for Motown and Classic Soul, as well as some Conjunto Classics with a rockin' flair. We simply cannot afford to ignore large populations in our community. We also want to serve the Native American listener, but we're not sure that we'll find classic rock or country that would appeal to this demographic.

Our sound is also seasonal, adapting to the pulses of new young people entering the MSA for higher education in the fall, and with older ears listening during the summer and at different times during the day. With comedy interspersed throughout the music all day long.

We also plan to conduct listener surveys every three months to ascertain which songs, shows, and segments are more popular than others. We intend to use this information to mold and shape our station in order to be more attractive to listeners. Budget to be determined.

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