Greetings from Club Shred!

ain't they cute?

Dear friends:

This is Ginger writing to you from our vacation cabana at the fabulous Club Shred. We've decided to stay here for the duration, despite the wonderful memories we have of Bosley's and all of the people who came in to visit us over the years. It took a bit of adjusting to get used to life here, but the previous cat who lived here trained the people and the canids well, and we have no complaints. Of course, we had to set up a few of our own ground rules first. We had to explain to the canids that we were, in fact, not prey objects, and even though we have no front claws, we made sure that the dogs would think that they had grown back at a moments notice. And Smoky had to break in the couch to fit the contours of his generous body. And we don't even want to talk about that embarrassing litter box "near miss" that happened when we first arrived. Sure, it was a difficult transition, but we've adjusted quite nicely, thank you very much!

The people who take care of us are quite loving and attentive in their backwards, primitive, human sort of way. When we wake them up in the middle of the night, either by calling for them loudly from the resonant tile floored room near where they sleep, or by jumping on their faces in the dark, they never fail to pet us and tell us how sweet we are, even though they are a scary sight for little kitties in the dark! And they don't like us to go outside, even though Smoky managed to coerce the male human into letting him go outside recently. The silly boy didn't want to come back in, and now it looks like we'll never get to go out again! It's such a disappointment...

Nevertheless, we're enjoying our stay here very much. So much so that we plan on never coming back. Just to keep in touch, we often arrange to have our mail and any messages for us picked up by the fine staff at Bosley's. If you ever need to get in touch with us, that's how to do it!

Meanwhile, I'm heading back to the couch for another power nap. Got to sleep during the day, so as to build up strength for those three a.m. wake up calls for the people!

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Pets and kisses,
Ginger and Smoky

p.s. I'm the one who opened the bags of food at night. Hope you don't mind...

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