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June 11, 2004Advice for the Newly Enlisted
June 11, 2004Le Morte du Smokey
Nov 4, 2003Halloween 2003
May 1, 2003Fire and Brimstone
Mar 25, 2003Support the Troops, Refute the war
Mar 20, 2003The State of the Computer
Mar 13, 2003Fascist Fries and Small Potatoes
Dec 17, 2002G. W. Bush: Not MY President!
Sept 12, 2001The Fantastic destruction of the World Trade Center
Sept 10, 2001Be quiet at music events!
March 9, 2001The Great Seattle Earthquake of 2001 (so far)
Sep 1, 2000The end of the Zoo Tunes
July 11, 2000The latest news from Fabulous Club Shred!
Feb 9, 2000 My first day on strike.
April 29, 1999Considering a vacation trip to the fabulous Pacific Northwest?
April 29, 1999Adventures in Sterility: The joys of not breeding...
Mar 25, 1999The new kitties write home from Fabulous Club Shred!
Jan 20, 1999The Greatest Bands you've never heard of:
The Outsider wallows in Nostalgia
Nov 16, 1998Le mort du Brie
Sep 16, 1998The Further Adventures of Spendthrift Computer Guy!
Aug 18, 1998Being Married
Mar 13, 1998Dalmatians: Everybody's favorite breed
Jan 11, 1998Adventures in Computer Building (not for the faint of heart!)
June 30, 1997Emp-Bro column for July 97
May 16, 1997Emp-Bro column for June 97
May 15, 1997Herbfarm burns: It's not my fault!
May 14, 1997Emp-Bro column for May 97
Apr 1, 1997Computers and cults: the Media investigates?
Mar 11, 1997Adventures in really big beer batches
Feb 22, 1997Property tax appeal: the final chapter
Feb 14, 1997Emp-Bro column for Mar 97
Jan 23, 1997Emp-Bro column for Feb 97
Jan 13, 1997Why join a club, perhaps a beer club?
Jan 13, 1997How NOT to win friends and influence people
Dec 20, 1996The Death of a Great Man
Dec 15, 1996State Sen. Pam Roach calls out the Militia
Dec 10, 1996Wouldn't it make sense for the county to buy the Mariners?
Dec 10, 1996Dalmatians: Satan's spawn, hounds from hell..
Dec 5, 1996I'm not like you

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