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Dear friends,

It's been almost two years since Ginger and I retired from running Bosley's and we hear that many of you have been asking about our new lives. We are very happy, we have our own house with lots of warm places to sleep and windows to birdwatch from. The house came equipped with two people to tend to our every need and a nice dog. The dog learned quickly that we are in charge but we are still training the people. I guess their last cat spoiled them.

Ginger is still a troublemaker. She likes to rip up paper and nibble on anything interesting. All the dried flower arrangements got a little tattered looking. I prefer to snack on fresh cut organically grown roses. Sometimes I knock the vase over and water spills everywhere so I just blame Ginger for any mishap. We still fight, she starts most of the fights, but we always make up later.

The only real problem is this word "no". As in "No you can't go outside" or "No, Smokey get out of the dryer". We hear "no, no, get off the kitchen counter" a lot. This is confusing because at Bosley's we got into everything all the time. Otherwise the people are very nice. We sleep with them at night. Sometimes I sneak under the bedcovers and purr very loud and knead them with my paws. Ginger is scared of going under the covers. she is so silly.

We miss everyone at Bosley's but we are staying busy training our people, investigating anything new and different that comes into our house, and doing what cats do best, enjoying every moment to it's fullest.

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Pets and kisses,
Ginger and Smoky

p.s. I'm the one who opened the bags of food at night. Hope you don't mind...

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